What the Heck is Beer Yoga? In this video, you will learn about beer yoga. Please consider subscribing to this channel by clicking the subscribe button and clicking bell icon to get notified when we upload new video. Beer Yoga or brewery yoga is a form of yoga in which attendees practice yoga at breweries or taprooms, sometimes drinking beer while performing yoga moves. This type of yoga has become popular in Australia, Thailand, and other countries around the world. We will be discussing the pros and cons of beer yoga. The pros of beer yoga are: It’s enjoyable as you get the mood-boosting effects of the yoga workout and also the relaxing benefits of beer. It encourages enlightenment. Yoga is all about reaching a higher level of consciousness, and nothing opens up your mind quite like alcohol. The relaxing effects of the beer can help with meditation, mindfulness, and the consciousness practices of Yoga. It improves balance as the beer bottle is used as an important part of the workout, and you have to transition through the movements without spilling or knocking over your beer. Now the cons of beer yoga are: beer can be dehydrating and it can impair exercise performance thanks to its high alcohol content. For beer lovers this yoga is a craze and for the rest of the fitness world, it’s just another fad. Thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed this video, please do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel. Here are some of our other videos which you may find useful. In this channel you will get information about various health and life related topics. Wishing you good health in your life, bye.. As found on Youtube

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